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what a great looking place.

nicely captured, as always, sidney.


ces maisons doivent etre d'avant la deuxième guerre mondiale ... elles semblent si anciennes ..


in as much as i enjoy looking at old architecture and ruins and old buildings. i am emphatic whenever I passed by this road and see how difficult it is for these people to live each day at the edge. frankly speaking, these houses are dangerous to live in, some of them would breakdown in a sudden shake. but we don't have much choice, do we? either we live on the street or live inside these old buildings.


oh yeah, there was also a house there where the second floor is already tilting. i wonder if it has already collapsed..


i walked along this street with my mum and marveled at the old houses, but despaired as they're all filled with vagrants. i fully agree with you that these should be preserved for future generations to see. just take a look at the paco train station, partially demolished to make way for another mall that wasn't finished anyway. tsk, tsk.


Love the architecture in that first shot. Looks like a special kind of place.


A great series of street shots. I always like how the people are out and involved in the states everyone is inside which makes for very little feeling of community. Nice series.


The same happens to so many places here in Jamaica. These places would look so nice if they were refurbished. It would be a touch of history come alive in the modern times. Nice photos.


Great looking buildings Sidney. The talk about preservation often comes too late. These really need saving, difficult when they are associated with the wrong side of town. Still beautiful in their faded state.


Dommage que ces belles vieilles demeures ne soient pas rénovées !


That is because, as a nation we are poor. You see according to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, people need to satisfy their physical necessities first before they can satisfy their other needs...

aesthetics (which is I think part of the with Self actualization), as well as love and belonging needs and others has to be overlooked first.

read this's_hierarchy_of_needs


Hi, very nice photos. I've read your Quiapo series too, I just remembered when I was younger I was trading mango puree & dried mangoes from Cebu, a friend disappeared with my goods. I looked for her in a cramp tenement near Quiapo (which is actually a muslim's place)and actually went upstairs alone. I didn't find her but am lucky I got out of the place unharmed. I would never go back to that place again. It really scares me just thinking about it again....


Very good blog indeed. That serie is another fine one.
I wish I could visit the philippines one day, I have many firends there, fellow seafarers who sail the european seas. I remain stuck ashore... but who knows !


Another fine series. This area must have been magnificent in its day. Shame its being neglected.


Oh they're beautiful old houses but people do not pay attention...sad ! And you are right these are more important historical construction than bragging about that we have the 3rd largest mall in the whole world! We are becoming ridiculous in this aspect don't you think ?

Major Tom

The degradation is really lamentable. This shows perhaps the very weakness of our governance here in our part of the globe, we do not take care of our past. I have seen how old french buildings n Myanmar are still standing and very good to look at especially from afar. Here, Old Manila is fast disappearing. Reminds me of thet saying abut those who forgets their past and does not look back.


this is so sad, sidney: it's a cultural loss even more than an architectual one. it's irreplacable,and no other way to say it: that just sucks!


Look at all the electrical wirings!!! That is what my friend who is having a house built in Angeles calls "Pinoy-rigged" - just attach one wire to this other and this and this and pretty soon, there's an electrical fire and someone gets electrocuted.

Everything is so expensive in the Philippines. Only the rich people can afford nice homes, so these people are better off than the homeless ones. I'd probably be poor if I lived there.

I wish better times for everyone in the Philippines.


Des immeubles et une atmosphère coloniale!


The buildings looked really old and historical. I don't think they should demolish them within any means. It's good to keep such beautiful architectures.



tu te surpasses dans cette visite de Quiapo

dodong flores

You're right, my friend. That's a sad reality in this country Philippines... :(


yes, really a pity to see such a desaster for these old wooden houses....i like it so much-

Otto K.

Excellent street scenes, Sidney.


its a strange thing to say but these shots feel so real...really like the first and last ones...

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